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06/07/20 09:33 AM #1    


Karen Skinner (Lafkas)

Today was graduation 1965! Love to all, Skins

06/11/20 04:32 PM #2    

Katie Roenitz (Chesebro)

We must be getting old! 

I still keep doing my old tricks but now I fell more often.

We moved to Elkhart yesterday..I may be turning the raspberry garden to grass.. We never got much fruit.

Becaue of the virus we did not put the raft in.That is pretty unlightly.

Wigwam is having to rethink the sock business. Margaret and Chris will be in charge.

I'm in charge. only of golf.



06/12/20 12:47 PM #3    

Kathleen (Katie) Ryan (Dougherty)

Katie,   so good to hear from you!  Please:  stop falling; keep playing golf; and keep writing to all of us.  Love, Katie (Rys)

06/13/20 09:46 PM #4    

Kate (Kathy) Krider (Satchwill)

Hey y'all!  Great to see some forum activity!  I had a super sweet video msg from Liz Tuttle this past week along with a long chatty NC phone call birthday chat with my NC neighbor, Kitty Felton. Plus Class of 65 Zooming--and learning there may not be Ontx notes. Liz is going to the SMWC groundbreaking next week and promises to ask specifically.  All this, plus the delights of  'jokes and notes' from Katie--it's great but of course not nearly the delights of collecting info or being together at Reunion, but the Forum might be next best thing ;-)  BTW, did you see the news of the new Pomeroys basketball coach? He's reaaaaaly tall, and a PhD--definitely impressive credentials.  Hope Liz will get some photos and add some campus news.  Rys and the Barbara's, Thanks again for the marvelous celebration and huge virtual applause again for Betty's bringing more honor to the Class of 65!  Condolences and prayers to Paula on the passing of your sister.  I just finished reading The Winemakers Wife but especially for all of y'all who have passions for stories, the place and people of Ireland, listen to -the audio version of 'This is Happiness' Niall Williams."An unforgettable trip to a lost  Irish village" .. lovely. 

06/14/20 08:27 AM #5    

Jo Marie Wolf (Charlson)

On the subject of unforgettable books, read a 'teen book' that is a national best seller I WILL ALWAYS WRITE BACK.  It is my new favorite.  It is a true story of two pen pals (a school assignment that changed both their lives).  One is from a wealthy family in Canada and the other is from Zimbabwe in Africa and doesn't even have food some days...Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda.  It is not a love story.

06/19/20 06:35 AM #6    

Kate (Kathy) Krider (Satchwill)

Check out this video link:

Class of 65 on the scene reporter, Liz Tuttle was there yesterday, June 18 2020 for the groundbreaking event and the big surprise announcement of a half million $$ gift!  (Skins, isn't that you in the opening frames of the video news report?)  Liz shared a couple of the architectural drawings of apartment style living space for upperclassmen and graduate students, a dining room and a bookstore. Location location location?  I think it's just to the right as we face the grand and gloriously renovated LeFer.   See y'all there next spring.  Reunion 56 for 65...kate 

07/23/20 12:26 PM #7    


Charlotte Sachs (Cabri)

I would be interested in the racial breakdown of the current student body. Has SMWC broadened its inclusion since the Class of 1965 graduated? Also, who remembers driving, I think it was to Milwaukee to support John Howard Griffin, author of "Black Like Me", being allowed to speak at a meeting, I believe it was of a high school Sodality group? Smiley drove Father Minter's car and we had a wreck. Then we stayed at Katie Roenitz's lake cabin and there was no heat. All was turned off for the winter. St. Mary's paid for us to stay the next night in a motel. But we did get to speak at the meeting.  I think we came of age during the civil rights movement, women's lib and Vietnam protests.....         I am chair of Greenwood County Diversity here in South Carolina, and we have sponsored a "Let's Talk About Race" series at our public library. We also organized a Family Fun Day that brought old, young, Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, artists, poets, musicians, gardeners, etc., together for a day in the park. The SC Festival of Flowers has invited us to stage another free event when Covid19 allows us to resume. We meet monthly and are inspired by this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: "People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other becaiuse they have not communicated with each other." .......   Thanks to SMWC for establishing the George Floyd Scholarship. My contribution is on its way.—————— Charlotte Sachs Cabri




07/23/20 05:50 PM #8    


Barbara Roguski (Mandal)

Charlotte, I remember John Howard Griffin coming to the Woods and then some of us heading north to support him in what I thought was Chicago.  I remember sitting in the balcony to the right of the stage for his moving presentation and being a bit nervous, but you remember all the other details.  My son had to read Black Like Me  in college, and I felt like a celebrity when I told hime about our adventure. I too grew up a bit that weekend.

Congratulations on all your work towards understanding.  I'll ask about the diversity numbers at the Woods.  We can both ask on our August 5th call with Dottie.  Hope you can make it.

07/23/20 08:21 PM #9    

Kate (Kathy) Krider (Satchwill)

Thanks Charlotte for all you're doing in SC.  Your post is great!.  I too asked for 'numbers' when Rys called about her (and Frank's) fantastic scholarship responses to the challenge of the Floyd family. Cheers to Bobbie, Cunns and Barbara too for immediate enthusiasm. 

I wasn't  there for the 'Black Like Me' experience(s) but I certainly remember some very personal and profoundly meaningful, often institutionally racist, events and experiences in the Cincinnati/Southeastern Indiana cultural and professional conflicts of the 60's and 70's. The BLM movement certainly is a reminder of how far we've come--and our Ring Song's reminder of "miles to go" and "promises to keep". Proud  to have been on campus in the late 80's when, under the specific leadership of S. Suzanne Dailey, the College was awarded a 3-year Lily Endowment Grant (kudos too to S Jeanne Knoerle) to focus specific efforts on recruiting minority women as prospective enrollment staff and students. As VP of External Affairs, and with our classmate Mary Helen (Walker) Clayton, we also initiated the international exchange program with Providence University in Taiwan (spectacular Providence was co-directing the Taiwan-SMWC program with our classmate MaryHelen (Walker) Clayton!  The third segment of encouraging and funding support for on-campus cultural diversity was the introduction and successful academic accomplishments of our Single Moms and their children. That grant money was concurrent with S Barbara Doherty & the Board & Executive Council's diversity enrollment goals p, the Mari-Hulman George Equestrian Program and Deanna Bradley's dedication to Campus Athletics  (she continues as the Pomeroy's Athletic Director Extraordinaire!) But that was 20+ years ago! 

I'm curious now about how those programs and the nursing/health care programs, and the almost 50 years of the Online Program have succeeded in systemically offering anti-racist initiatives--and graduating women of diversity. I think we may not know enough of the extraordinary stories of Woods alums and SP's life-long commitments to social justice, and anti racist initiatives like yours, Charlotte. It would be good, I think, to note the years and numbers of SP/SMWC commitments to gender, racial and international diversity through the SMWC External Degree , educational opportunities at the federal prison in Terre Haute, masters degrees. Not to mention the countless years of work of the Sisters of Providence in civil rights. So many stories of profound commitments to peace and justice. This scholarship also honors that history!  (Anne, I'm not sure about changing the scholarship to honor John Lewis, because the idea was generated in that challenge issued at the George Floyd Funeral. Rhys, what do you think?)

SMWC and the Sisters of Providence--choosing paths less traveled by.. Looking forward to the Zoom call. 

07/25/20 10:33 AM #10    


Charlotte Sachs (Cabri)

It is somewhat ironic that our beloved ring song uses the plaintive melody from "Gone with the Wind." 

07/25/20 11:03 AM #11    

Bobbie Barrett

Thanks so much for your post, Charlotte.  It brought back the memory of the “four star” program at The Woods with John Howard Griffin as the speaker.  None of the other four stars stand out in my mind, but this one I will never forget.   I remember sitting riveted to Mr. Griffin and stunned at his story. I just ordered  Black Like Me to read again. 


Proud of you and so many other classmates for the message you live and the work you do. Hoping to connect with you on our Class of ’65 Zoom cal on August 5.

07/25/20 01:44 PM #12    

Kathleen (Katie) Ryan (Dougherty)

Some of you have proposed renaming the George Floyd Scholarship.  This is not an option because the scholarship has been publicly announced and funds have been raised.  However, once we've raised $50k, this does not preclude funding additional endowed scholarships in the name of John Lewis, Martin Luther King, Jr., Katherine Johnson, etc.  Wouldn’t it be great to increase the amount of scholarship money awarded to aspiring Black students, to future leaders who pursue racial equality in our country?

By way of background, I proposed the scholarship to Dottie King because I was inspired by the challenge, issued by Scott Hagan, Ph.D., president of North Central University in Minneapolis, that every college/university create a George Floyd Memorial Scholarship as he did at NCU.  More than thirty schools have met his challenge.  I was equally inspired by the letter Dottie wrote to all of us in which she said, “this is the time to impact the future”.

This scholarship is not named for George Floyd to bring him honor.  It is so named because of the global movement, awakening, that his murder triggered.  As Newt said, “George Floyd’s murder is about potential unfulfilled.  This scholarship is about fulfilling potential.”

When the scholarship was announced Barbara Mandal’s son, Craig, wrote:

I know there may be criticism of those who elevate George Floyd, [criticism levied] due to Floyd’s history with law enforcement and his drug addiction, but to those people I would say ‘the Black community did not pick Floyd to be a figurehead, Derek Chauvin did’.   For better or for worse Floyd’s name will be forever in the history books.  Let’s make it for the better, yes?”

Finally, we must stand by Dottie and the official position of the college.  In response to why SMWC created the scholarship she said: 

"The scholarship is not about the character of George Floyd. His murder brought to light the racial injustice that still exists in our country. Through this tragedy, we believe education brings about change. Education is an opportunity to transform bias and inequality to compassion and understanding in a society where racial disparity still exists. Creating broader access to education for aspiring students is a way to address social justice for generations to come."                                                                       




01/10/21 11:24 PM #13    

Kate (Kathy) Krider (Satchwill)

Before these strange but still meaningful winter holidays, and my nearby son tested COVID positive, the notice had arrived from the Woods that there WILL be an ONYX and I need to gather information by the end of January.  Great news is Jim's case was mild, and we are ALL positively negative. I hope all of you are continuing to be well, and as eager as I for my Jan 19 appointment for the Pfizer vaccine. 

So, dear, dear friends, please RSVP with a  mere 25-50-100 words. Email a quick response to or call me at 704-517-3756 and I'll take notes. (Or if someone wants to do some zoom calls, I'd absolutely LOVE to see faces!)

Share your dreams, struggles, personal and family achievements, grandbabies, favorite live-streams, books, postponed and/or plans to go somewhere--especially to the Woods for Class of 65's Palindrome Reunion 56.  

Love and hope,

Kate/Kathy (Krider) Satchwill

01/21/21 04:46 PM #14    

Barbara Thier (Morris)

Kath,  You should have received mine???  Hoping to send pic as well.  lilb

01/06/23 12:25 PM #15    

Kate (Kathy) Krider (Satchwill)

I just posted an email NUDGE/PUSH/PLEA in hopes that on this 12th Night, 2023 I possible will receive the gifts of golden words from SMWC classmates whose matriculation and miscellaneous adventures were somewhere between 1961-65; some frank(ly)intense opinions about anything and everything that's going on in our crazy world; and, dear friends, if you have tried CBD, etc., maybe recommend some kind of myrrhacle potion that will rid me of these aching knees, too many nightly trips down the hall, find all my lost keys and please, restore my physcal abilities so I can get in more skiing, sailing, play golf, and maybe re-learn French. 

Love and laughter...Kate/aka Kathy/aka Krider (Don't care what you call me, just call or text 704-517-3756; Or write or 612 Mallard Head Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117)

01/06/23 02:59 PM #16    


Nancy Stander (Kes)

I remember so many of you and enjoy reading about your lives now. It's been a long time that I saw all of you, but that freshman year was very special for me. My dad died on the first day of exams and I floundered for many months. By the grace of God, I ended up doing social work with the Navajo and Apache Indians with the Franciscan Lay Missionaries in St. Michael's, AZ. It was there that I realized that I wanted to be a teacher, so I got my degree in education at Dayton U. In the summers, I worked on the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera, TX. I taught at the Finneytown schools for a couple of years, then accepted a teaching job with the DOD in Bermuda! There were many AF and Navy young men in and out of this base and it was great fun dating. I finally met my future husband, we married and three months later he was sent to Viet Nam.This story goes on and on; I'll skip a few years and let you know that I have 3 grown children and 5 grown granddaughters! I live with my best friend at Mapleknoll in Cincinnati, Ohio. (I hope this is the right place for me to write all of this!)

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